LowlaDB Command Line

The LowlaDB Command Line provides access to admin functions in the syncer and adapter.


The LowlaDB command line interface allows you to interact with the LowlaDB syncer and adapter.



For a list of all commands, enter

lowladb -h

For help on a specific command, enter

lowladb <cmd> -h

lowladb dump

Exports LowlaDB documents to a file. The exported file can be used by the LowlaDB browser client to import documents into its local data storage. See the LowlaDB Browser documentation for more details.

lowladb dump takes the following arguments:

  • -s,--server The server URL that hosts both the Syncer and Adapter. (default http://localhost:3000)
  • -q,--sequence The sequence to from the Syncer to start exporting documents. (default 0)
  • -f,--file The JSON file for the exported data. (default lowladb-dump.json)
  • -y,--syncer The server URL that hosts the Syncer if not using --server above.
  • -a,--adapter The server URL that hosts the Adapter if not using --adapter above.